This is really not that great of a book. I am totally confused as to why it gets such great reviews. I had to put this review in here because I bought this audiobook based upon all the good reivews and I really feel like I wasted my money. The characters are one-dimensional and dull. The story meanders and the plot is not cohesive. As a previous reviewer said, the people in the book are all really good or really bad - nothing in between. No one seems like a real person. It is also horribly historically inaccurate - Follet must have done no research at all into how medieval society actually operated. Finally, this book has a lot of stuff in it about building cathederals. There are endless descriptions of this. Personally, I could not for the life me picture the vast majority of it. If you have a degree in architecture or are a big time fan of gothic cathederals, then you might get more out of than I did.

I really urge people who consider this great writing to explore and read some more books. This is not great writing. If you like historical fiction from the middle ages, then may I suggest Sharon Kay Penman. Her books are vastly superior. She does everything well that Follet fails at - character, plot, description, and above all, historical accuracy.