Not many musicians today can write a heartbreaking love song quite like Lucy Dacus. Whether it's with last year's stellar solo album Historian or her supergroup Boygenius, alongside fellow masters of the genre Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, the 23-year-old has an innate ability to hit your core with just a few masterfully strung together words. On the track "Night Shift," she opens the five-minute ode to a past relationship with a searing one-liner: "The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit, I had a coughing fit." On "Pillar of Truth," it's a repeated mantra as the chorus: "I am weak looking at you/A pillar of truth/Turning to dust." It's the kind of stuff you'd put in your AIM profile, but way, way elevated.

This year, however, Dacus is taking the words of others with her newly announced series of covers titled 2019. Recorded in between tour dates, the EP will be made up of originals and covers tied to specific holidays, each song dropping around its respective date: Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Springsteen’s birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s. Fittingly, Dacus kicked it all off with Valentine's Day and a stunning cover of Edith Piaf's "La Vie en Rose." In honor of the new series—and the upcoming holiday—Dacus breaks down her five favorite love songs for W, here:

"You Can Have It All," by Yo La Tengo