It's over

Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Well that was an awfully long night that felt less like an awards show and more like an extended concert. Just nine awards were televised tonight in a ceremony that stretched to almost four hours and at many, many times, we really did feel the strain.

But for every misstep (the length, Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute, the decision to cut off so many key speeches), there was also plenty to applaud. After last year’s very male ceremony, tonight saw female winners almost double and host Alicia Keys prioritising music and positivity over wisecracks made for a refreshing change.

But next year, please for the sake of us all, keep it under three hours, yeah?

Here’s a look back at the big stories of the night:

Just to make sure there’s no bad blood, producers are trying to explain that Drake’s microphone being cut was not supposed to be censorship

Krystie Lee Yandoli (@KrystieLYandoli)

In the press room, we were told about Drake’s #GRAMMYs speech: “During Drake’s speech, he did take a natural pause and at that moment the producers did assume he was done."

Cardi B has been celebrating her big win over on Instagram in exactly the way you would expect while also paying tribute to Mac Miller

In case you haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute and would like to make your own mind up then here you go