To celebrate Valentine’s Day and the launch of DB Export’s new campaign, The Spinoff pays tribute to New Zealand’s most famous love stories.

Love isn’t something that’s always come easily to New Zealanders. Our “man alone” colonial history has often demanded feelings be suppressed, and emotions were traditionally something to be bottled rather than expressed, acknowledged only when the All Blacks score a try.

So as we’ve grown up and learned more about who we are and how to express ourselves, New Zealand’s unique pop culture has been a guiding light for what love looks like. Our love songs, our celebrities, our soap operas and reality TV have mentored us on love, relationships and heartbreak – and how to express that.

In the most recent addition to our cultural canon of love, and in recognition of the most romantic day of all – Valentine’s Day – DB Export has written a love song. To the delicious RnB influenced slow jam, “I’m drinking this for you”, couple Keshia and Tom are genuine stars in the making as they make a hilarious satire of the “love song till midnight” genre. The song and music video parody mixes traditional intimate gestures and couple goals that you’ll find across the country on February 14. It’s one of those rare ads that’s a true earworm, a capital T-tune, and is genuinely funny.